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JWT Token Authentication with Cookies in ASP.NET Core
Authentication for modern web applications is usually done in 2 major ways: Token based authentication: this is usually done for APIs used by 3rd party developers. Client requests exchange a client id and secret key for an access token that they then pass in each request to the server to establish identity and claims. Cookie based authentication: this is done for browser based web applications that have a web front end like views and pages. After the user signs-in, the server packages the user details into a cookie and sends out in the response. The browser then auto-sends the cookie back with each request so the user stays authenticated on the server. To keep the size of cookie within the 4KB limit, ASP.NET stores the details on the server in a Session object and just sends the session id back so that later it can look up the session in memory.
Angular Best Practices — August 2017 Edition
(This post is cross posted from Another month, another summary of best practices. This month we’re back to some of the basics about tooling and IDE configuration, and some reactive programming principles that will set you up for future success.