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Upgrading to Angular 6!
So Angular 6 is out! It comes with many many exciting things, new tooling and easier ways to manage updates of dependencies.
What’s new in Angular 5?
Angular 5 has been released. The 5th edition of the JavaScript framework brings numerous innovations and optimizations. Karsten Sitterberg is taking a closer look at some of the new features and even giving you a sneak peek at what might be in Angular 6.
Angular Best Practices — August 2017 Edition
(This post is cross posted from Another month, another summary of best practices. This month we’re back to some of the basics about tooling and IDE configuration, and some reactive programming principles that will set you up for future success.
Architectural Patterns , Styles & TIPS
This chapter describes and discusses high level patterns and principles commonly used for applications today. These are often referred to as the architectural styles, and include patterns such as client/server, layered architecture, component-based architecture, message bus architecture, and service-oriented architecture (SOA). For each style, you will find an overview, key principles, major benefits, and information that will help you choose the appropriate architectural styles for your application. It is important to understand that the styles describe different aspects of applications. For example, some architectural styles describe deployment patterns, some describe structure and design issues, and others describe communication factors. Therefore, a typical application will usually use a combination of more than one of the styles described in this chapter.
Popular Hybrid App Development Frameworks of 2017
In this digital era, popularity of mobile applications is increasing with a great pace. Now, more and more people are using smartphones and use mobile apps for their daily tasks.