Popular Hybrid App Development Frameworks of 2017
In this digital era, popularity of mobile applications is increasing with a great pace. Now, more and more people are using smartphones and use mobile apps for their daily tasks.
6 Top Programming Languages For Mobile Development
The language you choose for mobile development can be the difference between great success and tremendous frustration. There are options -- but only if you know which path you're on.
Stop and Start Windows DNS Cache, when “ipconfig /flushdns” not working
When changing domain name server, I often get 404 not found page or still viewing the site content from previous server. Sometimes it will resolve after few hour, but sometimes need several days. All tutorial I found just mention to flushdns using windows command prompt. But It’s not Working. ipconfig /flushdns
Performance: C++/CLI vs COM
Original post: In my current project, we are going to require a great deal of native code due to interation with drivers and hardware. The application is going to be based in .NET, at least the UI portion, but the heart has to live in native C++. I began investigating different ways to interop with .NET and unmanaged code. There seems to be three approaches. PInvoke COM/COM+/Interop C++/CLI
Master Google Search
How would you like have unlimited knowledge of everything that has ever been documented in the history of human existence? That would be pretty cool wouldn’t it? That could make you a pretty valuable asset I suspect. Well I am writing this article today to inform you of the untapped potential that is at your fingertips. The power to find the answer to any question you are looking for. To learn about any topic that has ever been taught. It’s all out there. We know this. It is in the billions of webpages that live on the web.
Understanding Polymorphism in OOP Languages: Abstract Classes vs. Interfaces
C# and Java are both wonderful languages that have matured and evolved over the last 14 years. This is great for us developers because a mature language provides us with a plethora of language features that are at our disposal.
ASP.NET 5 is dead - Introducing ASP.NET Core 1.0 and .NET Core 1.0
There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things. - Phil Karlton It's very easy to armchair quarterback and say that "they should have named it Foo and it would be easy" but very often there's many players involved in naming things. ASP.NET is a good 'brand' that's been around for 15 years or so. ASP.NET 4.6 is a supported and released product that you can get and use now from UPDATE NOTE: This blog post is announcing this change. It's not done or released yet. As of the date/time of this writing, this work is just starting. It will be ongoing over the next few months. However, naming the new, completely written from scratch ASP.NET framework "ASP.NET 5" was a bad idea for a one major reason: 5 > 4.6 makes it seem like ASP.NET 5 is bigger, better, and replaces ASP.NET 4.6. Not so. So we're changing the name and picking a better version number.
IoC Container Benchmark - Performance comparison
In this post I will do a performance comparison of the most popular IoC containers. Of course performance is not the only criteria when choosing a container for a project. Perhaps you need features like interception or you develop for a specific platform, then not all containers are suited. But especially in high-load scenarios like a web application, a fast container can help you to serve more requests in the same time, so why not choose the fastest one?