Popular Hybrid App Development Frameworks of 2017

In this digital era, popularity of mobile applications is increasing with a great pace. Now, more and more people are using smartphones and use mobile apps for their daily tasks. With rising demand and popularity of apps, mobile app development companies are striving to enhance user experience by opting for the latest technology in app development. Choosing the right framework is essential for the development of hybrid app. This blog explains seven most popular hybrid frameworks which help you to develop mobile apps at par with user expectations.

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1. Onsen UI

With the help of this open source framework, developers can build apps by combining native-looking components. This easy-to-use framework is able to work without AngularJS. It also has good documentation which includes lots of layouts and examples for common app structures. One main disadvantage of this framework is that it offers only iOS theme, although its next version promises to offer Material Design support.


2. Ionic

This is a popular framework and preferred choice of many developers. The CSS portion of this framework can be used to create native looking designs. If you want to harness the complete potential of Ionic, you should pair it with AngularJS. With Ionic, you’ll also get the command-line interface which comprises tremendous features including a Cordova based app packager and integrated emulators.


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3. React Native

The main purpose of this framework is to build native apps, instead of developing hybrid apps which run in a web-view. However, the development is still completely done via React and JavaScript. This framework is not customized towards beginners in website development, but its huge community will help you in every part of the way. The latest version of this framework also have support for Android, so now you can also have real cross-platform apps.


Hybrid app development

4. Framework 7

One of the best features about this framework is that it does not have any external dependencies like React or Angular. Still, it manages to make apps feel and look native, with eye-catchy animations and properly styled components. Any developer who has knowledge of CSS, HTML and JavaScript can easily create an app without making convoluted code. This framework does not include any tool for app packaging or emulation; therefore, you have to combine it with PhoneGap or Cordova.


5. jQuery Mobile

One of the oldest mobile frameworks, jQuery Mobile does not try to make apps that look like Android or iOS. Instead, its main purpose is to help in developing web apps that will work well equally on all mobile browsers (including Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Symbian). This framework is known for its lightweight, easy to use and learn, PhoneGap/Cordova support and good touch recognition.



6. Famous

Acknowledged for its unique development approach, this framework combines the DOM tree (your HTML) with WebGL and displays everything in a canvas which is similar to what HTML game engines perform. This latest technique allows framework to run mobile applications in 60 fps, which is as smooth as the other native apps. Unfortunately, this project is no longer being developed and does not have good reference docs.


7. Native Script

The biggest feature with native script is that it allows you to write app’s functionality in JavaScript once, which then will be changed in accordance with iOS, Android and Windows Phone. However, this framework requires in-depth skills of coding, which it compensates with an extensive and in-depth documentation.



These are some best mobile frameworks that can be used to develop hybrid mobile applications. You can clearly see  that each of the framework in this list has some pros and cons. You can compare these frameworks and choose the best according to your app development needs.

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